A commitment to excellence as a Certified Crop Consultant - Russ Barker & exciting technologies

A commitment to excellence as a certified crop consultant - Russ Barker and exciting technologies

Today we share a video by Russ Barker of Better Crops by Barker to highlight the commitment to excellence that our talented team has.

In this episode Russ talks about his recent purchase of the Magic 2 Pro by DDI. Russ is excited about the fact that the high quality video gives you important clues about what you did as a farmer and how it affected your crop. The footage also gives you information about surprising unknowns that can really only been seen from the air.

Ultimately Russ is excited about the contributions the Magic 2 Pro can make in improving crop performance, crop scouting capability and stand counts, as well as average final plant population.

This is the type of innovation and pursuit of excellence that sets people like Russ apart and, like many of our outstanding team members, Russ is an example of a commitment to seeking out ways to be the best in the business.

To contact Russ or any of our agricultural strategists please contact Crop Quest at 226-777-8462 or view our planner profiles on our web page.