Announcing our new manure registry

Crop Quest announces our new manure registry service which is free to all Crop Quest originators as well as all end users.

If you want to make money in farming over the longer term then nothing on your farm is more important than the health & quality of your soil. Soil is like any major investment and constant withdrawals over time without any consideration given to strategic re-investment will leave us with little to pass on to future generations and may even threaten long term sustainability.

One of the most important ways to add life and value to your soil is through the careful application of a resource that all of our nearly 1300 active clients already own...….manure! Manure builds healthier soils and healthier soils produce healthier profits!

Using our newly introduced Crop Quest Manure Registry, we connect manure originators with manure end users by adding them to our database and then helping the two parties connect together. This new service is a value added service that we offer to all current Crop Quest originators free of charge. The service is also free of charge to end users who are interested in obtaining this valuable resource.

Manure, under many circumstances, qualifies as an organic soil amendment under most government funding programs and may qualify for cost share funding of 40% or more. When you look at the essential micronutrients that manure offers in addition to the many vital macronutrients, manure truly is one of the best investments you can make on your farm.

If you would like to be added to our registry as an originator, and you are currently a Crop Quest client please contact us at head office 519-348-1121 and press #2 for Customer Service, we will send you out a registration form which we ask you to fill out and return to us. If you are someone who wishes to access this valuable resource you may also register free of charge and again, you simply call in to our Customer Service desk and ask that we send you a registration form.

All we ask is that you keep in mind that this is a free information only service that we offer to support our Crop Quest clients and Crop Quest is in no way involved in the pricing, sale or exchanges involved in any transactions. Any exchanges or claims will be strictly between the originator and the end users. Please also note that due to the considerable amount of work we expect this program to require we cannot offer the service to originators who are not currently a Crop Quest client.