Andy de Vries, Partner

Certified Crop Adviser Ontario
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Andy’s vision for the company was to bring strong, ethically minded people together and to provide them with the tools they need to be successful because he was convinced that what strong people can accomplish together is so much greater than what they can accomplish alone.  

Almost twenty years later and after much hard work that vision has proven itself well.  Today Crop Quest Inc. is the largest network of professional planners in Ontario and as a company it has one of the strongest reputations in the industry.  Amongst our group we have farmers, agronomists, CCA’s, business people, environmentalists, soil experts and most importantly, experience!

Andy is especially strong in the area of farm business management and development as he too is a farmer who has actively managed many acres of land over a thirty-year period.  An Advance Farm Management Program graduate, past President of Perth County Soil and Crop as well as a Certified Crop Advisor since 1997, Andy has managed, not only his own farms but those under his active farm management portfolio.  His success has been made possible by treating the land under his management in the same way that he manages his own and that means focusing on his clients.  Andy handles everything from grain marketing to crop insurance, crop advisory services, planting, harvesting and more. One of his particular interests is in the grain markets and marketing his clients share of production.

Andy still has a strong and continuing belief in his original vision for Crop Quest Inc., which is that farmers deserve opportunities to succeed and that those who offer support in a fair, reasonable, responsible and reputable way can help them to capitalize on a whole range of opportunities.

If you are looking for the right planner to help you with your farming operation or would like support in managing your business while finding opportunities to achieve savings.