Keith McMillan

Certified Nutrient Management Planner/Consultant
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Keith graduated from Centralia College with a diploma in Agricultural Business Management. Keith came from a solid background in agriculture and people management and spent 20 years in a Sales Management position. He attained his Certified Crop Advisor designation in 1997.

Keith grew up on a mixed dairy farm near Atwood, Ontario. He developed a strong work ethic and a passion for agriculture and learned how to raise and care for different species of farm animals. Keith developed the ability to work independently and finish the job regardless of the clock and has always worked in agriculture and farming operations

When Keith started doing nutrient management the requirement to do the job was having a CCA. Keith worked with a large integrated swine operation doing plans for new barns that were sold and built. When the program started to mature, Keith wrote the exams and has since maintained his accreditation to today.

Until three years ago nutrient management was a part time job for Keith which he held alongside a full-time position. He has since decided to make nutrient management his full-time occupation.

Keith has been with Crop Quest Inc. as a Nutrient Management Consultant for almost seven years looking after Ontario’s West coast counties, Huron, Bruce, and Grey

Keith is available to assist clients with their nutrient management needs and in preparing MDS calculations.