NASM Plans

NASM Plan Development (NASM) & Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA's)

We are not only experts in NASM Planning with some of the most experienced NASM planners in the province, we also have an experienced team of Planners who have prepared many ECA's and can help you navigate this process to obtain an approval.  When you need to know where your product can go and who might take it, we are the people to turn to for guidance, networking and land procurement.

NASM is an acronym to describe any non-agricultural source material that is to be applied to agricultural lands.  Waste products such as yard and leaf waste, bio-solids from local municipalities, fruit and vegetable peels, pulp and paper waste products and more, are all waste products that can be applied to farmlands as a beneficial source of nutrients.

To ensure that the products that are land applied, are in fact beneficial, the Ontario Government has imposed an act and legislation to regulate what materials can be land applied and how. Specially trained NASM Planners work with waste generators and with farmers to ensure that a plan is developed to guide the application of NASM.  These plans are prepared and submitted to OMAFRA before any work can proceed.

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to an in-house NASM program you can rely on Crop Quest.  Our Planners have prepared hundreds of NASM plans over the last ten years and can be called upon on an “as needed, when needed” basis to serve your company needs.

To learn more about our NASM Planners and to obtain a list of clients we have worked with please contact us directly for further information.