Ted de Vries

Certified NASM Planner/Consultant
Head Office

Ted de Vries was raised on a farm in the Fullarton area and is no stranger to the challenges and opportunities of farming.  As a farmer and millwright Ted has a wealth of experience in maintaining farm equipment and in making the most of your investment.  His understanding of the economics of farming has been supported by his completion of the Advanced Farm Management Program, a program which has a strong focus on farm financial management and sound financial decision making.

In 2015 Ted completed the NASM (non-ag source materials) program and in 2016 he joined Crop Quest Inc., as a NASM Planner/Consultant.  In this role he supports clients who are looking to partner with the agricultural community to find mutually beneficial ways to utilize available nutrients and has found solutions for a wide cross section of industries from municipal to private business.

Ted is available to assist clients with their nutrient management needs.